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I'm planing to change the 2 fans in my Silencio 550 case, because the stockl 800 rpm ones are just not up to the task of cooling my sytem under heavy gaming load. I can put in max 120mm fan at the back and 140mm fan in the front, but I would put in 2 x 120mm with the same characteristics (leaving the second optional front fan place empty)so there won't be any issues about disturbed airflow.

My system is:
- Cooler Master Silencio 550
- Core i5 2500K (not overclocked yet) + Mugen 3 Rev. B
- AsRock Extreme3 Gen3
- MSI GTX 560 ti Twin Frozr II
- 8 Gb 1600 Mhz RAM Corsair Vengeance
- XFX Core Edition Pro 750W

I was looking at this two fans, both are from Scythe (1600 rpm "H" and the 1900 rpm "SH" one), they would be working on max only when gaming, the rest of the time they would be operating silently at about the same speed as the stock fans ~ 800 rpm).

Roundup of Scythe fans (1900 rpm on page 2, and the 1600 rpm on page 3):

I'm wondering, will my MB be able to handle so powerful fan (I would use fanspeed program), and if not - can I just wire it directly to the PSU and regulate their speed with manual fan controlers.

What is the most powerful fan (from the link - Scythe fans), that my MB could handle?

Thanks for all replies in advance.
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  1. Your mobo can easily handle those fans. Have fun putting it all together.
  2. Do you maybe know, what is the max combined Amps of the fans, that my motherboard can handle?

    The 1900 rpm fan has max 0,53 A, and the 1600 rpm one has max 0,41 A. Mugen 3 fan has max 0,38 A.
  3. Not sure. I searched ASRocks site and found no info on it. Your only running 3 fans, thats fine. I am running a Corsair H60 cooler, and 4 additional fans off the MOBO...I've never had any issues.

    You will be fine.
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