Anyone like to criticize?

Hey there guys! IF any of you have the time, I'm going to be purchasing this build off of newegg within the next week. My budget is 500.00 after rebates and this comes to 507.00 if you add in promo codes, which is good enough for me. Any thoughts, feelings, or comments are greatly appreciated.

CM STORM SCOUT [...] 6811119196

Corsair Enthusiast PSU 650W [...] 6817139005

Biostar Motherboard USB 3.0 and Sata 3 -Crossfire support [...] 6813138318

WD Caviar Blue 500 gb 3gb/s 7200 RPM [...] 6822136073

XFX 5670 1gb ddr5 [...] 6814150467

ADATA 2x2gb Memory [...] 6820211409

AMD Phenom II 955 3.2 GHZ Quad Core Black edition Deneb [...] 6819103808

Once again, I have a budget of 500 bones here, so I know that it's not the best in the world. However, if anyone sees any problems or components that may slow me down, could you please let me know? I'm not a first time builder, but it has been a long time since I've done this sort of thing.

FYI - I plan on doing some moderate gaming and possibly buying another XFX 5670 in the future for crossfire. I was really going for a future proof build here.

Thank you all so much for taking a peek and I appreciate any input greatly!
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  1. Dead links.

    But looking at the build. I think it looks solid. Though I don't know which A-Data kit you're getting and which Biostar MB you're getting.

    Please fill out
  2. Just an alternate approach .

    I cant see your links either so this is guesswork .

    Get a mb with an 880g or 890g chipset and ignore the gfx card for now .
    Use the onboard till you have saved enough for a single strong gfx card
  3. I would skip the Biostar board ultra cheap. I don't know much about A-data ram.
  4. Thats a more expensive single slot 5670 model. There is a cheaper dual slot.

    For gaming you really should try to fit an extra $50 in and get at least a 5770/6770 which is like 3-4 times as fast as the 5670. A pair of 5670s is more expensive and slower than a single 6770/5770.

    Dropping to an AthlonIIx3 CPU would save almost enough money for the graphics card increase.

    Biostar I would avoid.
  5. Can't really see what you are getting, links don't work right.

    However, I'm thinking more along the lines of skip the biostar board, you want something with preferably an 800 series chipset. Reason is many of the 700 series boards don't have the correct bios to read the newer chips, so you might end up having to use an old am2 chip to boot and update bios.

    That said, How about this, some parts here are a downgrade.

    Phenom II 840 for 105-a little downgrade from the 955, up to you.

    MSI 870 motherboard--75....I don't know about this particular board but I just built a rig with an MSI 880G-e45 board and it was pretty nice, though this is a micro.

    For the price, I like crucial. 40.99 ddr3 1333 4gb, 2 2gb sticks in the kit.

    WD 500 gb hard drive, probably same as you've got. 44.99

    Corsair Enthusiast series 650 watt PSU(probably the same as on your list)...85 bucks

    How about dropping to a CM Elite 430? 49.99 and free shipping

    At this point you've got 100 bucks for video. If you can stretch your budget, I think this is your card.

    EVGA Nvidia GTX 460---144.99

    If you don't want to stretch the budget,

    Drop to this card.....

    Galaxy GTS 450 GC--price for that is 114.99...But it has a rebate that brings it to 75 which leaves you 25 dollars under budget.

    In your case, I'd almost lean toward the 450 and maybe get the 955 BE if you want to overclock. If you want to shave a little more money off the build, then I would drop the Enthusiast power supply. Yes it's a great supply, well worth 85, but if all you are going to do is run a single card, I'm thinking the CX 600 with 40 amps on the 12v+ rail for 70 is going to be fine. In fact, if you drop to that, and get the 450, that should put you right at 500 plus having a rebate coming in. So maybe grab the CX600 instead of the Enthusiast supply, Phenom 2 955 and the galaxy 450. It's up to you.

    I can say the galaxy is not the fastest card out, However, I just got one over the weekend. I'm still using an old Athlon x2 5400+ and honestly, for the money you spend, it's a great card. I can max Far Cry 2. The GTX 460 is a better card for a little more money, but either one will take out the 5670.

    Even the GTS 450 is between the performance a 5750 or 5770.

    As for crossfire, you could, or you could just get a better gpu now, single slot board, when you get tired of the card you get now, you can pull the card, sell it online on say ebay or craigslist, and then go to a way better single card.

    One more thing, for Galaxy as a brand, I 'm happy. I have the card I referenced. Also, my last card was a Galaxy 9600gt, had that for 2 years or so, never had problems, actually sold it to a buddy who was building but still gaming on a GT220, so it gave him a nice holdover.
  6. Thanks for the input! For those of you who suggested it, I am already ahead of you! I went ahead and bought the cx600 corsair psu, the 955, and the wd hdd. I am so glad that even after I made the decision, I've got some people backing it up without even knowing it! You guys are just great!

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