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Suggest a PSU for running i3 2100 + GTS 450

The title says it all.
My cheapo frontech PSU has already destroyed the MoBo. So this time I'm gonna get a good PSU. Also, Father might buy me a Graphics Card (Though dunno what my 15" CRT will look like), possibly a HD 5670 or a GTS 450.
Detailed specs at my signature.

Suggest me a ATX or MicroATX PSU. Just to mention, My Case is a really small one which just fits an ATX PSU. Its too small.
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  1. Ahh.. forgot to mention the budget. It's $50.
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  4. 500 watt PSU any good vendor... ocz, corsair, cooler master, thermaltake
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    450 watt enough use Seasonic or 430 corsair cx
  6. ye right 430 watt I just want him to be safe not surprised when he decides to update graphics in 2-3 years...

    altho 430 should be enough too
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  8. I was personally looking at the 430W Corsair PSU. It gives 28A on the +12V rails which increases upto 35A under load as reported by a few users. Its an under-rated PSU.
    I've no plan on getting a better GPU without getting a whole new PC in the future whatsoever. So it should be fine for now? right?
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    430cx will enough for your system and fine and better less performance seasonic 430 V2.
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