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Asus boards and HWmonitor CPUTIN

I have 3 different Asus motherboards on three different platforms: micro H61, Sabertooth X58, and P9X79 Pro.

Each one reports high CPUTIN temps (90-124C depending on which board) in HWmonitor that do not vary. The temp is reported right away and does not change with any degree of activity. Is this just something that's reported incorrectly with Asus boards in HWmonitor in general? I did not have this same issue with my Gigabyte X58 board.

If there is no issue with what HWmonitor reports for CPUTIN on ASUS boards and CPUTIN is supposed to be reporting the CPU socket temp, how can the socket be 124C while each core is in the low 30Cs and the CPU package is a 35C? This is what's being reported for my P9X79 Pro. I'm getting similar results for the H61, but its CPUTIN hangs out around 92C.
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    A temp of >90C would automatically shut down the PC to preserve the CPU.

    A high temp reading is due to a missing sensor reading or an anomalous reading.

    ex, My CPU fan is not connected due to watercooling, although HWMonitor reports the fan at >60, 000RPM.

    I think you can ignore the reading.

    If uneasy, use realtemp to check.
  2. I found that erroneous readings (spikes, positive and negative; p8z68-v) do not occur when AI Suite is disabled. ASUS suggests only running one app, I believe.
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