New build problem - need help

So I just got all my parts for a new build from newegg which are as follows:

mobo - MSI p67a-c43

ram - g skill value series pc 1333 - (2 x 4gb)

video card - sapphire radeon hd 5770 1 gb

cpu - intel i5 2500k sandy bridge

cooler - coolmaster hyper 212

I used the following from an old buid:

Antec 300 case

Corsair TX 750 watt power supply

old hard-drive and old DVD burner.

So, I installed all the new parts. I plugged in the power supply (normally on my old build when I would plug in my power supply the system would make a "woosh" type of noise) and I got no "woosh". I turned on the PC and for maybe 0.5 seconds all the case fans, cpu fan, and psu fan would turn on and the video card "S" on the side would light up... then it would all shut off. If I would try to power it up again... nothing. If I unplug the power supply and replug in the power supply and then turn the PC back on I will get the same 0.5 second turn on and turn off and then nothing if I try hitting the power button again.

I am wondering if it is a power supply compatibility issue or a bad mobo? Looking for an idea or advice as to what the problem may be. I was hoping for some good ol' memorial day weekend gaming, but looks like those plans may be foiled.

Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit - I have also tried taking out one stick of ram to see if that was an issue, but still the same problem as above with just one stick of ram in.
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  1. Do these steps and I'm guessing you'll get to the issue very quickly ;)
  2. Thank you for the information... I'm sorry that I didn't look at that first... noob mistake.

    Just wanted to let you know I was messing around with the parts and pulled out one of the cords labeled "1394" that ran to the top of the case. I must have put it in a slot that fit it, but it obviously didn't belong because:

    The computer then booted for about 5 seconds and then shut down... I was excited I got something more and when I went to try and turn it back on the computer booted up and all the parts were running just fine.

    I was going to re-install windows 7 but we have some wicked storms coming so I just powered down and I'll get to it tomorrow.

    I think everything will work now... I've at the very least got power now.

    Again, sorry for the noob mistake in missing the new build article... but thank you so much again for pointing me in the right direction which led to a (hopefully) permanent fix.
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