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What RAM to get for Sandy Bridge now and Ivy Bridge later?


This are my current specs:

Saphire HD 7850 OC (at default OC)
i5 2500k (turbo enabled, i.e. 3.7 ghz while gaming)
16 GB Corsair Vegeance @ 1333 (but can activate XPS for 1600 but would this really help at all?)
Maximus IV Gene-z/Gen 3 Motherboard (first release 0402 bios)
Blue Caviar WD 500 GB
Seasonic Semi Modular 620 W PSU

My Motherboard can support Ivy Bridge with a BIOS update, so in the future maybe a year or so I will move to ivy Bridge, which is why I want to purchase RAM that will be compatible with it and my motherboard.

I was not planning on changing my RAM as my whole system is only 20 days old. However after suspecting some issues with my PC, I got corrupt files in Starcraft twice, and reading that it could be the RAM, I first ran Memtest on the 4 sticks getting 130+ errrors in 15 minutes, so to discard Motherboard I ran them individually all in slot #1 all passsed for 2 1/2 passes, while one got 345 errors in < 10 mins. Then I proceeded to put one good stick in the rest of the slots for 2 passes and no errors. So there is definitely a problem with my RAM. I was just going to get a replacement from amazon but it is out of stock, so I am going to get a refund.

Anyway, now I am wondering what RAM should I buy, that will work great now with Sandy Bridge and later with Ivy Bridge. Any suggestions?. Price is not really a concern, but I don't really care about speed, I care about quality.

I was thinking about this ones:

Because of the 1.35 V, because as far as I know the lower voltage the better for the future.

Or if it will work fine for Ivy Bridge maybe just buy the 16 GB vengeance 1.5 V from newegg after my refund, or just get 8 GB from amazon, since those are in stock.

Thank you,

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    If you are looking for quality, I would go with Kingston. Corsair is a great product vs. price, but for straight out quality a decent Kingston kit is much better in my opinion.

    But the vengeance will work fine for IB, if you just want to get the same.
  2. RAM you choose is fine :)
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