GTA 4 issues with ati hd 5770

i bought a new HD 5770 a week ago. it runs BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM, DARKSIDERS and BULLETSTORM with great output GRAPHICS.. but the problem is during GAMEPLAY slight HINDERANCE or STUCK occurs periodically ... can any body explains wat may be the criteria... i checked with again installing windows freshly.,installing latest 11.2 catalyst driver,etc,, no change still problem arises... WHETHER ATI cant compete with NVIDIA PHYSX or WHAT?
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  1. physx has nothing to do with it, what are your full system specs?
  2. ATI cards do not support PHYSX so those options should not even be turned on if playing a game with Phusx support --- That said the 5xxx series cards are sometimes auto detected as the old Nvidia FX57xx series cards which had some problems with certain shader implementations (Nvidia tweaked the drivers to get better benchmark scores but it caused stability problems when using them in real games) -- so some autodetects will think the ATI card is actually an old Nvidia card and set itself up as such ccausing issues -- and you usually need to go into the game config files to correct it properly but the process varies. (not sure if GTA 4 is one of the affected games or not.)
  3. Yeah could be but I still wonder about his system specs or perhaps that particular driver version hindering it somehow.
  4. And also GTA 4 is a bad coded game...
  5. If you have anything under a quad then your answer will be your cpu. Its cpu intensive and no gpu in the world can make that game run faster. If you have a quad core cpu. Then only overclocking will increase your fps. The game is really bad port
  6. yeah agreed please list your specs
  7. first of all, it has nothing to do with physx as gta iv does not use physx. Solution to your problem is to throw gtaiv in the bin and never play it again as it is a poorly coded game and the graphics are shite. Other than that is is a cpu core hog - get a quad core cpu and a ram hog, get 8gb ram.
  8. ^+1 totally agree, game is crap, buy an xbox if you want to play games like that.
  9. My system config is:
    core 2 quad 2.66ghz, intel DG35 EC motherboard,
    4 GB DDR2 RAM, WINDOWS 7 64 BIT,
    power supply 550 W....
    Now tell me the problem is with the graphic hardware or "the game or my system or the driver "... since i m played those BATMAN and darksiders game without any lag or glitch in NVIDIA 9400 GT...
  10. I also checked with reinstalling the OS, changing the OS... what i need to confirm is whether the problem is with the GRAPHIC HARDWARE ? .... any ideas guys...
  11. yeah you have a weak quad core and a weak gpu, thats the problem
  12. man, ATI HD 5770 is weak GPU huh... do u have any idea about gpu s and its performance... just read the thread carefully... before u answer.... dont bluff ....
  13. look, maybe just drop the detail levels in the game, particularly draw distance and texture size. the 5770 is an ok gpu its just that GTAIV is a poorly coded game. maybe this link will help you. shows you what performance you should expect from that card,2446-13.html
  14. man, i appreciate ur aswer ... Also i was checking my new card s performance because it just struggles periodically or momentarily during gameplay... like a second struck and go..
  15. if it slows down for a second then comes back up to speed, it could be your pc loading from the hard drive.
  16. It's nor an issue with your Graphics card or nVidia Vs ATI/AMD. It's your processor. The graphics card you have is OK. Just OK. Not great. Drop the detail to medium across the board do NOT enable Night Shadows as they kill the performance.

    Second, you will want to create a commandline.txt file in your GTAIV directory.
    Inside that file put:
    [cpp]-refreshrate 30
    -framelimit 1[/cpp]

    Also, enable Vsync in graphic options.

    If this doesn't solve your problem then nothing will apart from lowering the settings more or upgrading your CPU. GTAIV Is not a good game to benchmark performance on. The coding is horrible as it's a bad port from Xbox 360.
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