I tried everything...I...really need help!

First off I wanna say hello to all of Tom's Hardware people, usually when I seem to have an issue I come here to resolve it, its a great community.
I however, have a problem of myself.

First off my PC is less then a year old *its built* I have 4 GB RAM, HD 5770, CPU Phenom iix4 b55.

My problem goes like this....

A while ago I had this strange issue to where when I watched youtube videos, my monitor would go black/white/green type lines. So I held the power button and rested.
Finally an adobe update came up telling me I needed an update, it ended the issue.

I got a new monitor 24 Inch...I personally don' think its the monitor for this upcoming issue.

Anyways, I started up Battlefield Bad Company 2, the home page about 40% cut Horizontally was glitching (I tried to take a screenie but in the screenie it was clean, nothing was there) When I played the game nothing. When I play my game Silkroad nothing.

After I exit out of battlefield bad company 2 my entire PC is a lil crazy, the desktop goes glitchy when I click things or if I move a box up and down, when I scroll down or up on the web pages it does it.

You may say its the monitor, however....
When I start up ASUS Smart Doctor to see if it says my "Graphics Card is OK" and make sure Temps are good *I do have SpeedFan but that seems to only show CPU temps, which are good*. The ENTIRE screen goes black *at first it did green stripes* so once again I had to hold the power button.

Once I reset, my PC does not do that glitchy thing, only when I go to BC2, weird, and the ASUS still happens.

What could be the problem and how could I resolve it? Some one says it might be my Direxct, some one says my video card, I hope its not my video card. If it was my video card wouldn't I experience issues while PLAYING the game?

Well please let me know what you all think!
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  1. First of all, make sure all the cables are properly connected.
    Then you can try updating the card driver to the latest one, see if that make any changes.

    What is your old monitor resolution? Are you using VGA cable for output/input?
  2. Yeah everything is connected, though I dont see any connections would be a problem with the ASUS making my monitor go black RIGHT when I turn it on, and yeah, drivers are updated.

    My old monitors resolution was like 1280 x 1240 or something like that, the new one is 1920 x 1080.
    VGA Cables? I think so, I am using the cables that it came with the monitor, if that's what you mean.
  3. Does anyone think that it could be something with Dx11? I never heard of Dx11 needing updates...
  4. If you are using HD monitor then you must use DVI or even HDMI/DisplayPort.
    VGA connection isn't suitable for high resolution like 1920x1080.
  5. But how does that explain the ASUS making my monitor going black? RIGHT when it launches the monitor goes black...=/. Sounds like a software issue then a hardware.
  6. Okay, but do you already have the latest driver for your HD5770?
    try updating it first.
  7. yeah I do, the last update was 2/15/11, and I can get that cord from Walmart? With my HD thingie, it came with this little plug in if you had an HD monitor, which I do now.
  8. I went to go make sure I was up to date, and I looked and I cant see the dam date because it gets cut off for me


    If its still 2/15/11 then Im up to date =/.

    Yup seems it is 2/15/11...so...hmm...Not sure what to do now.
  9. So what should I do since its all updated already?
  10. Did you change the connection to HDMI or DVI? Or did you always use one of those?

    Also run a benchmark like 3DMark, it does look like your video card is having issues, although odd that it will play a game fine.

    What OS and service packs are you using? Everything updated in Windows?
  11. Im thinking by OS and service packs you are talking about Windows? I have Windows 7 Ultimate, and yes everything is updated in Windows.

    If something is wrong with the video card, it could not be repaired could it? And yeah all is ok while playing games *while in the game*.

    Do the HDMI or DVI which do I get? and are those sold at Walmart? lol.

    And ok ill run 3DMark, last time I ran it went good, was about 14k.
    If I run it again will it tell me anything?
  12. You can get both cables at WalMart yea, or online. Would be much cheaper online at newegg or somewhere. If you are not already using one of those that is.

    No need to run 3DMark again if it goes through fine. I may not even do much more than try a new cable. If actual game play is fine and the odd issues are going away on their own, don't mess with it too much, can just make things worse.
  13. Well I mean I ran 3D Mark a while ago when these current issues were not happening.

    I will look into getting that HD Cord, or I need both then? I just think its funny, ASUS I always go to see if it says "Graphics Card is OK" and shows the temps, and now when I start it ,makes my monitor black, its like it does not want me to know.
  14. Just one or those, either DVI or HDMI, depending on which your monitor and video card has, could have one or both. They would both have the same quality display.
  15. Oh ok, well...Im not sure if this will...doing anything I mean, explain much, or matter.

    But I have a LCD HD 24 Inch AOC Monitor. 5777 HD Card :D.

    I know I said it before, but just making sure you know.

    I will be checking otu the DVI/ HDMI cord on walmart, so it does not matter which I get?

    When I get it, if I watch a dvd version of a movie, would it seem more clear?
  16. Found one, hopefully this fixs the smart doc problem...

    I ran 3 D mark, everything went ok.
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