Monitor blinks, then goes to sleep - 2 monitors

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Upon log-in, my monitor begins to blink irregularly. After several minutes of occasional blinking, the screen will simply go black. Strangely, this blink-to-end-all blinks leaves the monitor in *sleep* mode - I can tell because its power-button light is now orange.

What I've done: Switched the monitor, to ensure that this isn't a monitor problem (it isn't - it happened with both monitors). No new software has been downloaded recently. Do I *need* to call geeksquad or something, or is there a way to determine what is causing this? I'm guessing video card but I know so little about hardware that I've got no reason to support that.

Any suggestions on further diagnosing the issue, let me know. I'm a bit busy at the moment, but in an hour or so I will try playing audio to determine if it will continue after the screen goes off / into sleep mode.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Reinstalled the video driver and fixed it; don't bother replying :)
  2. I am actually having the same problem and was wondering how you even managed to reinstall the drivers if the monitor shuts off on you. I have about 2-5 seconds of being able to view my desktop upon startup before the monitor shuts off. Did you boot in safe mode? Anything you can provide would be a huge help...I haven't really tried anything yet, just kind of been putting it off and using my work laptop with the wireless in the mean time.

  3. I had a similar problem but had more than 2-5 seconds -- I had a solid minute or so which was enough time to download it. Then I lost the screen, had to reboot, finished the download, lost the screen, rebooted, reinstalled the driver. There could definitely be another way around it though. You could probably download the driver to a flash driver already and copy it over, maybe that would make it quick enough?
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