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Hello Community,

I was wondering if people used a program to make sure all their components are working after the build. I just built my first PC and it is running fine. But... I really have no clue if each piece is working to its top level. I have found many stress tests on the internet but none seem to have consistent good reviews. Has anyone used these and are they worth it? I am wondering is my video card doing performing at the level I paid for it... questions like that. I have done cpu tests and they seem to be working fine.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. if you want to do a stress test then i suggest Prime 95 for CPU, Furmark for GPU
  2. How would I know if they are working properly... I think half my problem is that I do not really know what is "good". Will the program let me know if my components are working as they should?

    Thanks again.
  3. I read some forums on the Furmark for GPU. Apparently you get a score. Where can I find what Score my radeon 6950 2g. Either I am blind or it is not easy to find.

  4. Also, instead of Prime 95, though that is good, try intel burn test. It is faster, but will basically attempt to burn your cpu, so if the pc lives through it, you should be good. That's an app recommended to me by a guy at Microcenter who's helped me with a couple of customs I've done.
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