How to connect wireless linksys wrt110 to ATT dsl internet bleepingcomputer com

moved and switched providers from cable to att. can not get router to pick up explorer connection. works only with ethernet straight from att modem to computer. have a linksys wrt110 router. worked fine with cable at other house. what do I have to do to connect it properly
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  1. Put the DSL modem in Bridge mode.
  2. I'm sorry but I don't know what that is or how to do it. Please explain.
  3. What make/model of DSL modem?
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    What make/model of DSL modem?

    its a westell , style : MSSTATEA, supplied to me by att.
    The router is a linksys wrt110. I have accessed the web page for the router and changed the ip number to correspond to the att modem, still didnt work. I reset the router. then ran the CD again and showed that it was successfully installed, but when I unplugged the ethernet (blue) from the computer, I lost internet connection. Am really puzzled and both ATT and LINKSYS want to charge me for tech support on their product.
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    Put the DSL modem in Bridge mode.

    Hello Grumpy I did bridge the modem twice but that was 2 years ago. My lights went out and I had to reset my modem and now my linksys will not work, PLEASE help me? Jeanne
  7. Had a wacky problem like that with a modem from ATT and a belkin router. What I had to do was pull power from both devices, plug ethernet from modem to internet port of router, boot modem up first, let it get running, then power up the router. Don't ask me why, but the connection was very picky that way.
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