I am looking to upgrade my case from an old Coolermaster RC-534 and was wondering if the Antec 1200 v3 is any good for air cooling until I can get the Corsair H100 liquid cooler?
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  1. Yes the Antec 1200 is quite good at keeping temps down.
    The charts on that page also contain numbers for the Antec 1200.
  2. From Personal experience i can tell you the Antec 1200 is probably one of the best air coolers out there, but if you have the money the Silverstone Fortress FT02 is simply the best Air Cooled Case money can buy in my humble opinion, oh and others.
  3. I just have a HAF 932 and its like 2 years old but the from I/0 panel don't work anymore and I want a fresh case that will do more for liquid cooling later on then the Haf 932.
  4. Agh so you want to be able to liquid cool?

    This widely regarded as the best watercooling case...

    Silverstone TJ07B Black Aluminium Full Tower Case

  5. But it costs.
  6. The Corsair H100(most likely built by Asetek) is a self contained water cooling system so no need for an expensive case like the Silverstone.

    The radiator will install in the top of the case so buy a case with the proper ventilation.
  7. The antec 1200 is a great case, have two of em upstairs ..... but the Antec DF-85 is waaay better, especially with respect to filter cleaning ..... 8 secs instead of 8 minutes.

    Not impressed by the cooler ... Antec 920 does almost as well with much much smaller radiator.
  8. I want to liquid cool "Eventually" but for now I don't have the cash for a custom liquid loop. I am looking to see if the Antec 1200 is a great case for air now and liquid later. I am also at the moment wondering if a single 480 rad will fit in the front of the 1200 if I don't use and dvd/hdd bays? I plan on using just a large capacity or two ssd's.
  9. I am also wanting to paint the case metallic white inside/out and have the modright red uv cables for effects with red fans
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