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Diagnosing a bad motherboard


I am at my wits end, my comp starting doing the bsod, then reboot would fix. now when start comp, loads windows, for a bout 15-25 seconds, then slows, freezes and crashes. upon reboot comp freezes on bios screen or on detecting storage devices. i replaced the psu with no help, bought a new hd and when booting from disk with only new hd connected same problem. I removed my vid card, and all ram, and same problem of stalling....please help!
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    Definitely sounds like a bad motherboard, the only other thing you haven't eliminated is the CPU, and bad CPUs tend to be quite rare. If you could get a different CPU to test and the problem persists that would confirm that it is the motherboard. If you can't do that, I'd say just RMA the motherboard, that is what it most likely is, bad motherboards are much more common than bad CPUs.
  2. @ sushi_joe - oddly enough i experienced the same problem. Windows would stall at loading/welcome screen or when at BIOS - this was usually about a very long freeze and ofcourse the occasional, freezes when everything was loading at the desktop level.

    I located the culprit for all these problem's. Turned out to be a delux mouse that i used as a replacement was causing the hangover :p (don't mind the pun) try using another set of keyboard and mouse. And see if the problem persists. If it booted the first time, then maybe its with incompatible hardware. Go over the manual, check if rams are in their right slots(usually people mistake in interpreting the colors on the slots.

    BTW, can we have your entire system specs, please ? we can move on from there.
    Thank you
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  4. just a followup, it was the mobo, i replaced, and comp booted fine, i did have to get another hdd and install a frewsh win7 on it, so i can slave my original and retrieve my files.
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