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M5A88V-EVO USB problems

hi, i tried to help my friend replace his mobo and psu with new one.

The problems is that the pc couldn't detect the 'certain' usb mouse and keyboard. Worse, some other keyboards that previously works with other pc and laptops, rendered useless after i plugged them to this PC...

the windows could run perfectly but it is previously installed using old Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3h mobo...could it be problems with the prevously installed driver?

and one other thing, i read on review that the old coolermaster GX series could damage some hardware, since this friend of mine is currently using the CM Extreme power plus 500W, so is there also any posibblities that the problems are caused by the PSU?

and for more information, the mobo and psu are replaced coz the old ones were damaged due to lightning surge, could it be that the processor are also damaged?

the specs are,

AMD Phenom X6 1055t
CM Extreme power plus retail 500w
4gb ddr3 1333mhz

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  1. When replacing the MB for anything other than the *same* one, it is always best to do a clean install of windows, even if the chipset is the same.

    When moving from 1 chipset to another, it is imperative that you do a clean install of windows, as the drivers are completely different, and just trying to migrate will cause many of the type of problems you are seeing.
  2. @itzdanielp, thx 4 da answer..i'll try to reinstall the windows, but i forgot to mention that, the usb keyboads led doesnt even light up during BIOS loading. could it be still related to the windows poblem? sorry for this kind of real noob question...
  3. Update your BIOS might help [ Take backup of BIOS before upgrade ]
  4. There is an option in the BIOS for the NUMLOCK state during POST (Pre OS Test), if this is set to off, there would be no lights on the keyboard.

    You can also try a different USB port.

    Also, if your MB has USB 3.0 ports, make sure NOT to use them for keyboard, as they require second party drivers.
  5. okay, itzdaniel, after doing clean install of the windows, most of the problems are solved, only the back usb 3.0 seems to be not functioning properly. i've checked the installed programs in control panel, Ranesas USB driver seems to be already i thought maybe i should update the bios like THE UNKNOWN suggested. Seems i haven't done any bios update before, i should dig in some little more.

    but before that, do you guys have any other suggestion regarding the USB3.0 problems? 'AS I RECALL' :P, my intel MB DP67BG's usb3.0 are functioning even before i installed the usb driver.

    the problems is that when i connected the mouse, the optical led light up, but the mouse isnt functioning. The port also couldnt read my external hdd..
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    I know on my AM3+ Asus board I have to install the drivers for any of the USB 3.0 ports to work.

    Have you grabbed the drivers off of their website?

    The fact the mouse lights up makes me lean towards driver issue, since the port is getting power it isn't damaged. It just doesn't know how to translate the signals it is receiving.
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  8. itzdaniel, your suggestions works, i downloaded ASMEDIA USB driver and it works perfectly fine. wondered why did i saw ranesas usb controller, LOL, anyway thanx a lot for your time and replies..u helped alot..thnx again.
  9. No problem, any time!
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