OpenGL 4 vs OpenGL 4.1 in GTX580

Hi guys
Why is it that the Twin Frozr cards have only OpenGL 4.0 and the Twin Frozor OC version is lower than the vanilla OC. Could someone please explain this? It doesn't make any sense at all.

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  1. Looks pretty weird. Maybe u could email MSI unless someone else has the answer.
  2. i suspect its a difference in the driver. im pretty sure there is a driver release that enabled 4.1, or opengl 4.1 wasnt released when they non oc'd cards were released.
  3. Are you sure about that? There are no changes on the hardware level for OpenGL 4.1? This doesn't make any sense unless MSI is pushing inferior cards under their twin Frozr series.
  4. no, cards were hardware capable of opengl4.1 before they released it, as those functions were already in dx11 and opengl was lagging behind a bit.
  5. Thanks a lot! I'll be buying this card today without any doubt now :-)
  6. All the improvements in OpenGL 4.1 from 4.0 were software enhancements, so I don't see any issues. Essentially, every DX11 card should be able to meet OGL 4.1 spec.
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