Memory limits for pcu

I am upgrading my PC but as funds are tight I will have to do it in stages.
Here's what I am planning:-
I have bought a clear acrylic case and a OCZ Fatal1ty 750W power supply and changed the stock case fans to Akasa white l.e.d. which are much quieter than the original cheap fans which were supplied.
My next purchase will be an Asrock Z77 Fatal1ty motherboard with a celron G530 cpu until I can afford either a 2500K or an I5 Ivybridge chip which will be after I have sold my 940BE mobo bundle which I have now.
Question is, I read somewhere, but can't seem to find it now, that the G530 will only work with 1333mhz ram maximum and I plan to buy Crucial Ballistix [...] DT2TXRGCEU
to complete my build with the I5 but for a month or two I will be using the G530 until my bits are sold so I can buy the I5.
If this is true I could buy a cheap 2Gb 1333Mhz stick to use until I get my I5.
I know it might sound complicated and a hard way to do it but on my flating budget of about £150 its the only way I can achieve what I want.
So basicly I want to know is the Ballistix compatible with the G530 or will I have to buy a cheap stick then sell it later when I get my I5.

Many thanks guys
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  1. Dont worry it'll downgrade its clock speed :)
  2. but check memory support of your mobo to compatibility of RAM
  3. Hi,
    Thanks very much for your confirmation, but, alas, another question, if I may :D
    I think I will be going for the I5 2500k rather than the Ivybridge
    Would I be better getting a P67 Fatal1ty performance £85 new, P68 Fatal1ty Proffesional £120 used, of Z77 Fatal1ty performance £135 new?
    I want to overclock mildly and will be using either a HD6850 or HD7770, I may crossfire eventually but no plans at this moment.
    Is there a large difference between the 3 chipsets when building from scratch.

    Thanks again
  4. I checked on the crucial ram site and indeed it is compatible with the mobo but the guy was not sure whether it would run correctly with only a G530 in
  5. Z77 Fatal1ty performance :)
  6. Go Z77 with Ivy, especially if you only plan a mild overclock. I got stable 4.4GHz on an ASRock Extreme4 on an Evo at only 60C.
  7. IB but get good fan cooler also :)
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