GTX 580 vs AMD 6990s

I am trying to select an ultimate graphics solution for a three monitor system,
all of which are around 25 inches (if that helps at all)
I want to know weather i should use 3 way SLI with GTX 580s,
or if i should use 2 way Crossfire with AMD 6990s
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  1. Neither 3-way SLI or quad crossfire scale as good as 2-way SLI/CF. So your best option is to get either 1 or 2 GTX 580's or 1 HD 6990.
    2 GTX 580s>1 HD 6990> 1 GTX 580
  2. ^ a single 580 can't drive 3 monitors

    Anyway, it just depends on the game you want to play. Some games don't support 3-way SLI well, and others may not support quad crossfire well. Just look at this triple GPU scaling article,2865.html

    Considering the work AMD has done with eyefinity though I'd say go with the quad 6990s. Either way you go though, such a system is going to be pretty loud. You may want to go with water cooling
  3. Did you read that article correctly? Only one game where 3way crossfire didn't scale very well... all the other 3way sli sucked and 3way xfire did good.

    Instead of 2x 6990s go 3way 6970s, the 6970 gpu is a little faster than one of the gpus on the 6990 (same as the 5870 vs 1 of the gpus on the 5970).
  4. Although to be honest I'm sure a regular SLI GTX 580 setup would be just fine.
  5. Don't you want eyefinity?
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