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Use SB CPU in IB mobo

Hey all, I currently have an i5 2500k and the MSI Z68MA-G45. I've had this since November, and I am able to get 4.5GHz off it easily without a voltage bump using my Hyper 212+.

Throughout the history of this motherboard, however, I've had quite a few issues, from the initial overclock (by the way, MSI support is horrible), to audio and memory, and not to mention the fact that it doesn't even have any PCI slots. Well, I was on a huge budget when I got it, but no longer.

I'm looking to get a new motherboard, but of course I'd prefer to keep my i5 2500k. I was wondering if I can use an Ivy Bridge motherboard for my Sandy Bridge CPU, and manage to overclock it as well. I know that IB motherboards can technically support an SB CPU (same socket, same BIOS for the most part, and, according to Wikipedia, the boards do work with SB CPUs ("All Ivy Bridge chipsets and motherboards support both Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPUs"). My only concern with this is swap is that I'll have issues pertaining to overclocking and voltage.

My MSI board is just a pain to OC with. I can't even hit 4.6GHz with my CPU with a decent voltage bump, the voltages are very inconsistent (I set it to +0.0000v and it decides it will auto adjust my voltage way above stock, when auto is turned off?), and it can't regulate the BCLK correctly (It's only at 100MHz at the stock multiplier of 33, when I go to 45 it scales down to like 98Mhz).

Considering how Z77 boards regulate at lower voltages (since IB uses less power voltage-wise), and how some boards don't have beefy VRM heatsinks like P67/Z68 boards do, can I actually overclock just as high?

I'm also thinking about the ASRock P77 Extreme4 for the new motherboard. Thoughts?

My qualifications are as follows:
>at least two PCI-E x16 slots that support SLI
>at least one, preferably more PCI slots
>at least 6, preferably 8 SATA connectors
>4x240pin RAM slots
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    Yes, you can run the 2500K in any of the Z77 boards quite well. No issues there.

    As far as the brands, I personally like ASUS and Gigabyte.

    MSI and ASRock are second tier for me, but ever since ASRock split from Asus their quality has definitely improved.

    This is always a good choice.
  2. Yes, I know MSI isn't the best. Gigabyte is definitely nice, but the Extreme series from ASRock has caught my eye since the success of their P67 Extreme4.

    Also, really, the Sabertooth? In no way am I spending more than $150 on a mobo. I don't plan to quad-SLI GTX 690s.

    Not to mention the fact that I clearly state I require at least one, preferably more PCI slots, and the Z77 Sabertooth only has PCI-E x16 and PCI-E x1.
  3. Asus, take a look here.

    On the page it shows all the versions of the Asus P8Z77 line.

    My qualifications are as follows:
    >at least two PCI-E x16 slots that support SLI
    >at least one, preferably more PCI slots
    >at least 6, preferably 8 SATA connectors
    >4x240pin RAM slots

    All this for less than $150? Good Luck.
  4. ASRock Z77 Extreme4
  5. I had a similar voltage issue with my MSI P67A-GD65 board. The board wouldn't respect my voltage configuration on the DIMMs or CPU Vcore, and would routinely exceed the maximum voltage I had set. I will be replacing that board shortly with an ASUS P8Z77-V.
  6. The only P8Z77 board that has what I require is the P8Z77-V LK, which has almost no overclocking capability as compared to the Z77 Extreme4 (8+4 phase vs 4+1+1 with no spreaders).

    THE UNKNOWN, that is the board I listed at the end of the OP.

    foscooter, see above.

    aicom, yeah, I don't think MSI is the best when it comes to overclocking. And terrible support, too. They thought my CPU was DOA!
  7. What your saying not understand ?
  8. Yep, the Extreme4 will do exactly what you are asking. I have it. I <3 it.
  9. I'm just seeing if the community agrees with my Extreme4 decision. Apparently yes.
  10. Yeah, it is a solid board. If it has the features you want / need, it is a great choice.
  11. PIck as your need imo go for it :)
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