Can cheap h61 board handle an i5 2300

hi guys.i have a g620 and asrock h61m-hvs mobo.i know all the manual says h61 support i5 cpu.but the thing is i asked in my local forum and they said it should run but i'll be pushing the board because it only has 3+1+1 phase for the cpu instead of 4+1+1 and full solid cap like other 'good' h61 board.they also said that intel recommends i5 with h67 and above boards but none provided me a link to the statement.what scared me the most is there's some technician of some big computer shops in that forum tell me not to do it too.they said it would fry the board or cause problems in the long run.i'm a little convinced because i know this board is the cheapest(crappiest if you might).so what do you guys think? should i save for a little more for a h67 or h61 is enough ?
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  1. Your H61 supports upto i7 3770k :)
    and i5 also here is CPU compitable list of your MOBO
  2. Dont worry :)
  3. But IB [ 3rd GEN PROCESSORS ]
    Need To Flash BIOS To Play With Your MOBO :)
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    The power phases should not make a difference, unless you are planning on OCing, which I am pretty sure you aren't.

    If anything the VRM's will run a little warm, but you are not going to damage anything with that CPU.

    Intel designed the H/P67's around Sandy Bridge CPU's, and therefore have a few extra features that the CPU can do, but it is not going to damage anything.

    You can go ahead and the get CPU, and in a few months you can always upgrade the MB, you don't have to do both at the same time.
  5. While that mobo is low end it will handle the CPU fine. The G620 is an i3 65 W CPU and will not be a problem. The 3+1+1 phase control is fine.
  6. H61 can run ANY s1155 cpu. Ivy Bridge cpu's may require a bios update with your old cpu first.

    Phases don't mean anything if your not overclocking.

    I have the same board, it's a great board for $55. I would recommend something else if your building now, but at the time it was a good fit for my needs.
  7. thanks for the quick reply.guess i'll just stay with this board
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