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Hi everyone.
I have an ASUS F7SE laptop, with a 17'' lcd display.

I have noticed a strange behaviour of my lcd display:
sometimes, depending on the movements of the top
part of the laptop (the one containing the LCD screen),
white pixels of the current displayed image turn into
light blue pixels, flashing on the screen.
By moving again the display part of the laptop (closing
and opening it a little bit) I can manage to return
to normal behaviour (light blue pixels disappear).

I have read topics about similar problems (often in Mac Book
Pro), but not found a real solution.
Some people suggest the problem may be caused by
the display inverter, so i opened the laptop display,
cleaned it, unplugged & plugged again the cables,
fixed better the position of the cables, etc.
I still don't know if the inverter or the cables are damaged.
But the problem is stil present.

Has any of you faced this problem? Do you know the solution?
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  1. There comes a point when you cant fix things - and it seems like you are there. Laptops take a lot of abuse being carried around - even by the best of people. Time to bite the bullet and get it fixed.

    Is it in warranty?
  2. Nope! Warranty has expired last august...
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