Corsair RAM for new PC

Hi there all!
Im going to build new PC but i cant decied what RAM to take for my computer :-\
ok first lets see what Im going to buy

Motherboard MSI Z77A-GD65
Processor i7 3770K

so im looking for Corsair Vengeance [CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9] but i see there Dominator GT and some with Dual and Quad channels... wich one is best?!
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  1. get a dual (4gb 4gb) kit
    with more ram sticks its harder to overclock and you have to pump more voltage to keep them stable
    im personally using corsair vengeance, keep in mind some fancy rams have tall heatsinks...they might get in the way of an aftermarket cpu cooler
  2. yea Corsair Vengence black would look good with that... Just make sure your CPU cooler has clearance spacing
  3. okay so dual channel, well so this one must be perfect if I'm gonna to use 16GB 2x8GB
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