Need advice

hey guys
i want to build a gaming rig that can run all games including crysis,crysis 2,gta iv and all modern games on max settings +aa
on my 17 inch monitor (res:1280x1024) for 1 or 2 years
my budget is 500 dollars and I am confused what to buy but here is what I consider buying
cpu: phenom 2 955 or i3 2100
Gpu: radeon 6850 or gtx 560 ti or radeon 5770
mobo: help me about it
ram: 4gb ddr3
hdd:500 gb
I want it just for gaming
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  1. I donot need case monitor or anything that I didnot write
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    nuff said...

    hehe.. well I would pretty much use that as a guide, and then adjust it up or down according to your taste/availability of the components. are you in the US? I can't really speak as to the cheapest retailers to visit outside of Australia. But most of the stuff on the tom's guide build should be available from big e-tailers like

    But here is a build a bit more specific to your needs (i.e. minus case, and lower hdd size).

    cpu: core i3 2100 $125

    main: asrock p67 pro3 $130

    memory: patriot ddr3 1333 4gb kit $40

    gpu: HIS 6850 1gb $150 (after rebate)

    HDD: wd caviar blue 6gb/s 500gb $45

    Total (without PSU): $490

    what kind of psu do you have? it doesnt hurt to make sure you've got enough power by buying a new one.)
    PSU: corsair 500W $39 (after rebate)
  3. With in your budget the build that Curryj02 has put together is really about the best that you are going to be able to get. The Intel® Core™ i3-2100 is a very good processor that will allow to upgrade in the future to other processor in the 2nd generation Intel Core processor family.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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  5. thanks very much guys
  6. thanks for the reply but I am wondering if MSI H67MA-E35 is better than asrock p67 pro3 $130
    and is it ok if i get a 230w psu
  7. I would not. The 6850 GPU wants at least a 500W power supply. You might not actually need that much, but it is probably a good idea.

    If you get a higher res. monitor and graphics card upgrade, you might want even a 600W power supply. For now I would get a good 500W. You don't want to skimp on power. Not for a gaming machine.
  8. ok thanks but what about the MSI H67MA-E35
  9. No on the MSI H67 motherboard in my opinion. it is a different chipset which only really has the advantage of utilizing the integrated graphics of the CPU (which you won't need because you will be using the discrete gfx card for gaming). the asus P67 will let you overclock in the future if you ever wanted to.
  10. well wich one
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