Monitor displays "no signal"???

Hey guys... I have an Acer Aspire M1641 desk top.
For some reason the other week, it randomly started having problems. What happens is when i turn the computer and monitor on, the computer starts up normal but the monitor displays "No signal" and then goes to sleep but the computer appears to keep making normal sounds.
But every few days it decides to work properly (Im using it now) but soon it will just stop communicating with the monitor... go to sleep and when i turn the monitor back on it just says "no signal"??? All the cords seem ok... please help???
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  1. Can you try the monitor with a different computer?

    I had similar symptoms with a monitor that died. I was able to try it on one of my other computers and see the same result.

    The other issue could be the cord you're using to connect the monitor to the PC is bad. Do you have a different cord you can try?

    If you determine the monitor is working fine and the cord is fine, you can try a different monitor on your PC to see confirm you're having an issue with the video card.
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