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Gskill CL7 or Gskill CL9 or Kingston Hyper X

Hi, 1st I'm sorry for my bad English I'm from south east asia :D.

So I'm going to get a new upgrade next 2 week preparing for Diablo 3. Everything are set - i3 2120 / msi h61mp31 gen 3 / gigabyte hd 7750. But right now I'm thinking between the 3 sets of RAM.

Will the GSkill CL7 1333 ($35) have much better performance than the GSkill CL9 1333 ($25) one?

And when I was wondering between these two I found another competitor - the Kingston HyperX CL9 1600 which is $37 with lifetime warranty, the other 2 Gkills have like 3 years warranty.
That "lifetime warranty" sounds vry promising, in the other hand I'm not doing any OC so I'm not sure if it worth the difference in price.

Any suggestion guys?
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    I personally would go with the Kingston. I love them.

    But the CL7 would not be noticeably faster than the CL9
  2. Well I like GSkill a lot, been recommending it to my friends when they ask for a RAM brand (tho I'm using Team Group cus DDR3 was so expensive at my country back then), but that lifetime warranty of Kingston really pokes me hmmm
  3. Yeah, both are great brands. I've had great luck with the Kingston's and they have incredible Customer Service.

    But either way you go, you are getting a good brand. I wouldn't really recommend the CL7 as you are paying more for something you won't really see a difference in
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