Hd5770xfire vs. hd6950-2gb single....

it is wat it says.... i currently have a single 5770. if i choose to xfire it ill have to buy a xfire ready posu and another 5770. if i choose the 6950 2gb, my current posu should be fine. so it comes down to what set up would perform better for newer FPS games on a dual(poss.triple) display setup. CURRENT rig specs are......

MOBO-asusM4a785TD E-evo
MEM-2x2gb ocz reaperHPC @ 820mhz
POSU-coolermaster GX650
GPU-XFXhd5770 juniper 1ggddr5 core@895mhz mem@1375mhz
case-NZXT Lexi S....fans- 3in, 2out.
Display--samsung bx2331-samsung bx2333
Thanks for replies. Plz post any info or benchmarks that are helpfull. If you think i could get sumthing thats even better for around the same price(~$250) plz tell me.
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  1. Between crossfiring and having a single powerful card, I would get a single powerful card and hope you could sell your 5770. Crossfire 5770 would be slightly less powerful than a 6950 even if you don't flash it, plus not all games utilize crossfire (as I am finding out to my own dismay), and you will be in a new generation of video card.

    What is the current size/resolution of your monitor?
  2. sry, forgot to add that.... right now i have 2 23" 1080p displays, and i may or may not, add a third display.
  3. I say go with the 6950. You'll generate less heat, won't need a new PSU and, depending on the title, the 6950 matches or beats the performance of 2 5770s.

    Also, going from my own experience, driver support for crossfire isn't that great. I was constantly waiting for things to get better with the drivers from month to month with each release and they just didn't.
  4. To reiterate myself and support what ubercake is saying: my dislike of crossfire is probably going to make me to get a next-next generation GPU from NVIDIA (6xx series I suppose) when they debut and sell my gently used Radeon 5850's.
  5. Assuming this is your MB, your Crossfire ready:


    The power for a pair of 5770s or a single 6950 is basically identical so, you Power Supply is FINE for either configuration. Performance wise, a pair of 5770's is about the same as a 5870. And the 6950 is faster .....about 12% faster...


    When compared to the previous generation Radeon HD 5870, the HD 6950 consumed the same amount of power. Considering that the newer card was on average 12% faster this is a positive result. Against the more expensive and faster Radeon HD 6970, it consumed 14% less power yet on average we found that it was only 10% slower.
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