Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 - 100% Usage issue - Core #0


Using Windows XP

While playing Half-Life in windowed mode, using Core Temp, and GPU Z, I noticed that my CPU % on Core 0 was 100% while Core 1 was around 15 to 20 % while playing. It chances from time to time, but it seems mostly Core 0 is maxed? This seems very odd and I was wondering if I had an issue with my CPU. I have been experiencing some issues recently although my CPU temps on both cores are not over 50C and my GPU temps hover around 70+ with an Nvidia Gforce GTX/9800 GTX+. I have 4 gig of Ram as well. Of course STEAM is running but I don't have any other programs

Can anyone shed some light on this issue. Is this even a problem? Wondering? Thanks for any help on this matter
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  1. Not sure the older HL games are coded for SMP/multiple might simply be using the first core for the game, and the other for basic Windows functions....
  2. your GPU is good enough...i think your CPU is not...i think its core 2 duo and it can't cope up your GPU...
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