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Help is it motherboard, graphics card or PSU?

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May 26, 2011 2:15:17 PM

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my computer that started when my graphics card cooler motors died and so overheated the card and frying it, So i went out and purchased a new Nvidea Geforce 260 Zotac edition.

I plugged it into the computer and it started up but only ran for a while before freezing, after a look on the internet i found that the psu was probably at fault. As you can see my psu is right on the limits of the graphics card but i was told that it should work.

So after playing about trying to stop it freezing it decided to give up the ghost and show only a blank screen at any time. I tried it in a mates computer who has the exact same card and it didnt work so i took it back and got another card.

This card was installed last night and hey prest... no freezing and it worked! so i started arranging my steam again since iv not been on and it lasted a good 7 hours just downloading various things. The problem happened when i started playing solo battlefield 2. The screen started to get blank lines across the screen so i lowered the graphic settings.
this reduced the amount so i thought it may be overheating and it played normally. Then about 15 minutes in the screen just went black. Nothing but the computer was still on and hard drive running. So i thought id shut it down and let it cool, but the button on the front does not turn the computer off however long you hold it. I powered off at the wall and left it to go to bed.

This morning i opened up the case had a check of all connections and then started it up when i was happy. But nothing happens, the monitors display"no input detected" but everything else appears to be running. Again the power button does not seem to be doing anything whenever i push it, the same goes with the restart.

I took that graphics card out and i have an old nvidea 5780 (my good old trusty) that always gets the computer running but it does the exact same! it has never done that.

This is puzzling me, i dont know if it is a power problem or an overheating problem. Do you think i have fried my mobo or cpu? Do you think there is an overheat shutdown still in action?

Thanks for reading this far.
William Arthur

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May 27, 2011 12:10:07 AM

have you cleaned you computer of the drivers from your previous cards?
May 28, 2011 9:14:46 PM

Yes it was completely uninstalled and i used c cleaner to clean the registry several time until no errors were found