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I got a fairly big task ahead of me to build a computer for my family's boat as they are going to be living on the sea when I move.
But I know I won't be able to visit that often for maintenance and I need to make the Motherboard energy efficient as well as a strong and stable build near salt water.

Luckly building it energy efficient to do what they want to do such as watch all their favorite HD movies ect, is much easier then it was in the past

I want to go with the FM1 socket with a combined GPU and CPU, but I am having issues with the motherboard.
I want it to have Military Grade capacitors on it so it can withstand the test of time, but I also need it with on board video as installing a GPU might be too taxing power wise for the boat.

The best I could come up with thus far is.

If any of you can offer some recommendations I would greatly appreciate them, and time is a factor tragically.
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  1. Make sure you have a sea worthy case. (If you do you can pretty much go with any mobo of your choosing). Check out cases made by
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    I really don't think "military grade" capacitors will have anything at all to do with a motherboard's resistance to salt corrosion. You should just get decent, cheap components and hope they don't fail too quickly.
    Cheap APU, fine for HD playback:
  3. Why not to look at laptop then ?
  4. hey you should check this out, its called "ecopc" apparently it runs less than @23watts under load. I saw this the other day when amahi posted it on the facebook page.

    are they going to be using the computer for movie playback only? if they are only going to be watching movies, I'd suggest a media player, something like this maybe

    but both of the above aren't military grade
  5. Only thing I can recommend is liquid cooling on everything. That way you can seal all the components up in some sort of water tight case, and have the radiator(s) located and accessible on the outside. I don't know how big the boat is, but you'll also need to take into consideration the HDD's, and constant motion of the boat. Centrifugal force isn't going to play nice with them. (Assuming you are using HDD's)
  6. The motherboard has to withstand the test of time near salt water, due to salt water being corrosive and @Kajabla I know, luckly finding that is easier then finding the motherboard.

    Besides the computer having to run on a 10-20 watts max, I also need to set up a bi-quad antenna to it from the mast so when they are in Harbor they got wifi that alone is a challenge as well.
  7. Oh wow I feel stupid, I kept forgetting it has the onboard video but the gpu is in the cpu so I couldn't check it.

    -face palm-
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