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ASRock Z77 Extreme4 vs 6

I am a 'gamer' looking to buy a motherboard to pair with an i7 3770K. I do not have water cooling nor do I plan on any large overclocking, if anything at all from the start. I have heard great reviews on both of these boards along with others. What is the big difference? My needed features in a motherboard are:

1. Good SATA III 6GB controller. I don't use RAID. - (I had a X58 SLI 3 w/Marvell controller that under-performed my SSD by 150MB/s read and write)
2. Single GPU (Nvidia GTX 480) slot.
3. USB 3.0 connectivity for front panel

A nice to have would be an audio chipset on the mobo that is better than my 5+ year old X-Fi XtremeGamer.

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    4 vs 6
    Not much difference except mini pcie
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