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What ram is better


not a huge expert on ram which is better higher mhz with higher latency or lower mhz with lower latency

gonna be a gaming rig btw
thanks in advance
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    your comparing 2 different generational kits, the corsair are better, much tighter timings and lower voltage.
  2. Buy Corsair Vengeance Best in Value 4 Money
  3. thanks for the quick responds you guys are the best :)
  4. 2133 CL11 RAM will have like CL7 when they run as 1600. So the GSkill one is much more better in quality. However you won't be about to notice much different tho they're RAMs use for insane OC.

    I recommend this

    Why? Cus you won't be noticing much different (says between 60 & 61 fps in gaming) between 1600 & 1333. Gaming rig = 1333 CL9 hands down. And I just love GSkill lol!

    Or mayb a 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1333 CL9 kit is nice too.
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