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267.59 Dragon Age 2 FPS Improvements

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a b U Graphics card
March 16, 2011 5:22:11 PM

So it looks like nVidia released an Official WHQL driver update 267.59 for the 450GTS & 550Ti cards only. However, forum threads are popping up all over the place saying this driver fixes performance problems with the newly released Dragon Age II game. Specifically, no more micro-stutter and vast improvements in performance.

I installed these drivers on my GTX 470 SLI setup using an altered .INF file last night. Massive difference.

More info over @ Forums

My personal results:

Holy cow. HUGE difference in Dragon Age II. After seeing folks claim the difference I figured I'd try it. Big difference.

i5-750 @ 4Ghz
Dragon Age II (v1.0) + High Resolution Texture Update
1920x1080 Vsync = Off
8xAA - 16x Aniso
DX11 Very High
High Quality Blur = On
High Res Textures = On
Depth of Field = Off
Ambient Occlusion = Off

60 Second Fraps Benchmark using a Saved Game in a cave, running the same path without combat (i.e. cave already cleared).

GeForce 267.59
Min Max Avg
50 115 83.817

GeForce 267.24
Min Max Avg
27 69 49.283

I should also note that I used to play with AA & AF turned down to like 2x with the old 267.24 drivers before testing. Saw about 30-50 FPS on average (just visually watching Fraps). Both GTX 470's were pushed and running high temps. After updating to the 267.59 not only do I get vastly superior performance (even with AA/AF maxed) but both cards were running about 65C last night when I shut the game off (Vsync was on & using Afterburner). nVidia obviously did a lot of optimizing on the DX11 features for Dragon Age II. I get better performance, with higher settings, and my GPUs are pushed less (thereby run cooler).
March 17, 2011 2:42:52 AM

Just saw ur post and thought id try it my self. Very nice boost i went from playing high quality to playing very high i couldnt do that before :D . Cheers