AT&T 2Wire to Dlink 625

I have DSL here at my house and the DSL came with a 2Wire modem/wireless router. It's pretty good as far as reaching most of the house and I have a couple of powerline adapters for the furthest places.

I was thinking about turning the 2wire into just a dumb modem and turning off the wifi part. So from what I've read, I need to set up the Dlink DIR-625 to handle the PPPoe parts so I have my username which is an email address and I got my password from AT&T so I'm thinking about trying it. Any thoughts/instructions about it and does anyone know if I do turn the 2Wire into a dumb modem will I lose the LAN ports on it also or will they still function. I have my WD Live, Verizon Network Extender, DishNetwork satellite box and Panasonic BluRay player which all use direct connections to the router.

Thanks for any help.
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    If you configure the 2Wire as a modem you loose the LAN ports last time I checked.

    Why don't you use the D-Link as an Access Point. It will give you the N wireless network plus three additional LAN ports.

    The 625 cannot be configured as a repeater.
  2. That's what I'll do Emerald. Thank you.
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