MY System freezes

My PC in below
asus p4ge-mx
intel p4 2.4GHz
256MB DDR1 RAM( 266Mhz)
250GB seagate HDD

I try to upgrade my ram with a 512MB ( 400Mhz) RAM ,i removed my old RAM and instal the new then the system contiously restarts after the POST. So i change my mind removed it and replace the old and restart. My PC boot up the first time and windows XP was fully loaded then suddenly PC restarted and the BIOS boot up screen become blurry
I cant enter my BIOS( it looks blurry and the options were faded and inaccessible )
I cant boot into my system ( all fans are working perfectly, LEDs are present )
I cant access restart or Power Button ( both are seems dead)

Help me !!
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  1. You didn't leave it plugged into the wall when you were playing with the ram did you?
  3. Your motherboard doesn't support pc3200 DDR400 ram, only PC2700/333Mhz. Can you get it to post?

    EDIT: If so, update BIOS and try to down clock the memory. <---EDIT2- reread the OP, Redunt and answered.
  4. It should clock itsself down but I've seen weirder. :)
  5. rajyohanson said:
    It should clock itsself down but I've seen weirder. :)

    Depending on the type of memory and I wouldn't trust much from the 845 chipset.
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