Trying to use all my sticks, help requested


I'm a newbie at memory timings and would appreciate some help figuring this out.

I just purchased a set of Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5C which runs perfectly on my Asus M4A785-M (I memtested the heck out of them and they pass with flying colors).

I previously had two other sticks: a Corsair VS1GB667D2 and a Kingston KVR800D2N6/2G. These two also ran perfectly with each other (also memtested), but 3 GB of RAM is no longer enough for me on Win7 64 bits.

I guess I'm running into timing issues now when trying to run all 4 sticks together. Except I am unsure what config to try in the BIOS. As suggested on other forums, I tried relaxed timings (6-6-6-18-24) since that's what the Kingston seems to like, but Memtest still fails like crazy. I tried switching the sticks around (to no avail) and also raised the voltage to 1.8 after checking that all sticks supported it, didn't work.

So I ditched the Kingston, thinking the Corsair sticks would work better, but I still can't figure out the correct timings. =/

I don't know what else would help. I've never overclocked or touched memory timings before although I've read and understand what they basically do.

Would someone be willing to suggest configs? I'd like to be able to use all my RAM, even at a slower pace, but I'd settle for using just the Corsair sticks--if I can get even those three to work together.

Purchasing another set of 4gb is out of the question, as I am out of $$$.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. First of all, using non matched pairs of memory, especially on DDR2 is always a gamble if they will work at all. And that is when they are all the same specs.

    However you are trying to run 2 800MHz (CL6 and CL5) and a 667MHz kit together. DDR2 is sensitive, Asus is RAM Sensitive, and nothing matches up. I honestly don't see all 3 kits working together at all.

    If anything, you *might* be able to get the 2 800MHz kits to work. but that would be hard.
  2. Im with itzdanielp. Mixing DDR2 pairs is insanely difficult to predict the outcome. Traditionally, like memory will clock itsself down to the lowest common clock speed or in your case, 667. Then DDR2 came into existance. The CL5 and CL6 are your best bet if working together, but ... with different timings I think you may want to hunt an alternative down.
  3. Alright then. I guess I was hopeful because the old Corsair and the Kingston managed to behave, but I guess trying to run dual-channel with three different kinds is a no-go. I really appreciate your input on this!

    I tried running the three Corsair sticks together since they seem to have the same CAS (5), but my matched pair run at 5-5-5-18 and the solo stick runs at 5-5-5-15. I get the feeling there's no way to get those two to talk to each other since they'd be on different channels anyways.

    Would you predict I'd run into the same problem if I somehow scraped up the $ for a second pair of TWIN2X4096-6400C5C?

    In other words: am I screwed since I didn't buy a set of 4, or is Corsair good enough with manufacturing that it's a safe bet?
  4. I would love to say that it will work, but unless every pair is the same in the motherboard, with DDR2, you are going to get variables. I have cannibalized work machines from a dead PSU or something to add to a box, works fine.. yet I have given away pairs of matched DDR2 to people to double their ram or something, always come back.. BSOD city, if you can get it to post at all. I mixed some Crucial Ballistx and Corsair Dominator (both 1066) once and my box was so unstable it was just a joke. Got another 4gb of dominator on sale.. hasn't crashed in years. *shrug* it's flakey.
  5. I agree, if you could find another of the TWIN2X4096-6400C5C it should work, but I really can't guarantee it.

    Also, if going for dual channel the channels need matching sticks

    (A B A B) is the standard channel configuration
  6. Yes if you put single and dual together I am pretty sure when you look in your bios your dual channel is all of a sudden now running single as well. :)
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