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Hey guys

I have a crappy desktop ATM (HP P6030A) with an HD 3450 GPU, and a 300w power supply. I'm not wealthy enough to purchase a new desktop before the release of BF3, and I want to play it when it does release. I'm barely scraping by on low settings on GTA4, so BF3 would absolutely KILL it. I was wondering if I can upgrade the graphics card along with the PSU to something like an HD 6670, and a good Corsair power supply that I can then use on my next pc, (something a bit more beastly ;) ). Will I encounter any issues? Will there be any drastic bottlenecks?

The spec list ATM is:

CPU: E5200 Dual core @ 2.5 G/hz
Memory: 2GB DDR2
HDD: 500B 7200RPM

PSU: 300w Generic
GPU: HD 3450

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  1. OK i will see if i can help you, i understand you are on a tight budget, so if you tell me what your top budget is, and where you are from UK/USA etc etc ill see what i can dig up for you.
  2. doesnt really matter what you get , bf3 is likely to need 3 cores just as bfbc2 did. it will run on a dual core but wont run well. when i played the alpha it was threading across all 8 cores so it will be a more the merrier aproach...
    so no m8 upgrading that rig for bf3 specificaly means you would have to splash on a full new setup. or at the least a 2.6GHZ quad core. 550watt psu and a gtx250 minimum...
    like i say it may claim that a 2.4 dual is all thats required but the reality of the frostbite 2 engine is that it needs 3 or more.
  3. I disagree Hexit, i think although he might not have the best gaming machine, i do feel an upgrade to 2 x 2gb of ram, a PSU upgrade to a 550 or 600w corsair/xfx etc etc PSU plus say a HD6770 would help him see a big boost in performance and at the same time they apart from the DDR2 ram would be bits he could carry over to a new build eventually.
  4. Well, I have no experience with running any battlefield games on a duel core processor, but according to destructoid(which they got from gamestop) the minimum system requirements are

    core 2 duo at 2.0 ghz
    2gigabytes ram
    direct x 10 or 11 compatable video card
    windows vista/7
    15 gigabytes hard drive storage disc version, 10gb digital version

    I would think that with an upgraded video card/ram psu your comp would do alright on BF3, but that's me... in my opinion everyone has gotten way to used to having better then 30fps on all games all the time. I remember as a kid playing chuck yagers flight simulator on the appleIIe and getting like 2 or 3 fps and having a blast... I just used my imagination to fill in the gap =p

    Not that I would play that nowadays either.. but a dip under 30 or even 20(as long as it doesn't happen very often) doesn't really bother me all that much.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I have changed my plans a little bit:

    Get an HD 6770 as it's only $70 more.

    Upgrade to 4gb of Memory.

    Get a Corsair HX 650W that can be used in my next build.

    There's an option to buy the HX 650W and the CM Storm Enforcer case together cheaper, and since that's the case I want, I might go for that. I won't be using this setup for long, so when I finally build the new system I'll sell the 6770, and buy either an HD 7000 series or GTX 600 series card, probably an HD 7950 (assuming the naming scheme is the same as the 6000 series.) I'll sell the memory, and use the case and PSU for the new system. That sound a bit better?
  6. although your gonna see a marked improvement in your gfx your gonna bottleneck badly. i know this from experience. my old amd 4800x2 system got an upgrade of an 88gt the day it came out in the uk. the system ran well enough. i upgraded the cpu to a 6000x2 and my fps jumped from 50 min on cod 4 to 90 minimum on the same settings. the cpu was only 400mhz faster but it was enough to release the bottleneck and stretch its gpu legs properly, so to speak.
    now your e5200 is in a similar performance category as them 2 old cpu's and your gonna throw an even newer and more powerful gfx card at it.

    to get the best from that 6770 your gonna need a c 2 quad@3.0 or better. or your gonna have extreamly pretty games but really cruddy framerates
  7. I see, I expected it though. Well, I'll just go for the card and upgrade the CPU, Mobo, and Ram as soon as I can. Should be soon I hope. I can deal with crappy framerates for now, I just can't deal with what I've got now, it'll just be a gradual upgrade due to the current financial situation.
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