Dead CPU or faulty mobo?

First post in a long time here, mainly due to being out of ideas haha. Perhaps the community can help me in my situation:

Biostar A880G+ AM3 Mobo
Phenom II x4 965 BE @ Stock
2x2GB G.skill (F3-10666CL9D-4GBRL)
ATI 6850

Back in april my house was struck by lighting. This caused everything connected to a coaxial cable to be fried, including my modem and router which was connected to my mobo. Doing the sensible thing, I RMA'd the mobo back to biostar which has taken 2 weeks.

Fast forward to today, mobo gets delivered, I install it and immediately notice the system is constantly restarting on its own. Doesn't matter if I'm in the windows loading screen, desktop, bios, etc... It's constantly(and randomly) freezing or instantly restarting showing me "Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error on last boot". After some fancy googling and noticing this error is beyond sporadic, I have tried:

Increasing/Drecreasing voltages on the cpu/NB/HTLink
Increasing ram timings manually rather than setting to auto
Re-seating the cpu
Using different(known working) ram sticks separately and in different dimms
Resetting the cmos/pulling the battery
Bare bones(mobo/cpu/ram only) system start

To add to the mystery, sometimes the mobo wont give any video display. The fans/led/drives will run, but the mobo doesn't show any power to the monitor through onboard or the vid card.Ive also noticed that with a bare-bones start the onboard video rarely displays and tends to be going blank/flickering sporadically. I also cannot open my disc drive even with power on.

So my question is: did biostar send me a faulty mobo as a replacement or did my cpu also die with the original lightning stricken mobo? Both are "rma-able".
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  1. Imo RMA MOBO but if possible rma them both
  2. did you try your psu u never mentioned that?
  3. jasont78 said:
    did you try your psu u never mentioned that?

    Oops, overlooked mentioning that. The psu, too my knowledge, is fine. Originally thought that was what was killed by lightning but after performing a load test, it worked fine. Even tried another psu and still got the same "no video/post but all fans/leds working" problem.

    THE UNKNOWN said:
    Imo RMA MOBO but if possible rma them both

    Well thats the thing, If nothing is wrong with the mobo, they charge me to send it back. Needless to say I'm not too trustworthy of biostar.
  4. you said mobo+cpu+ram system start is it right ?
  5. Ok dont rma still we do our best :)
  6. THE UNKNOWN said:
    you said mobo+cpu+ram system start is it right ?

    Sometimes it will start, other times ill get no video or beeps. When it does start, I can rarely get into the bios because it either constantly freezes or restarts giving me the "Hyper transport sync flood" error. The restarts/freezes seem to be random and just about uncontrollable.
  7. Follow up link :)
  8. Went through all of that and can confirm no faults there.

    I just don't see what would prevent video display sporadically, but when it does display, it constantly gives the HTSF error and freezes

    EDIT- Would a faulty cpu cause the mobo not to route/receive power correctly? I noticed even when the rig has power, my cd drive doesn't want to open.
  9. Mobo + cpu + Another RAM try to boot up then see whats happend
  10. Getting no video to the monitor currently. Ram stick is confirmed working out of another computer.
  11. No boot up with another ram on your mobo and cpu and see what happend ?
    Dont add another components like hdd or dvd driver
  12. I think you torched capacitors in the motherboard, and you are watching them have fun with their inconsistent and wrong voltages. Did you happen to look closely at them and see if you have any leaking, oozing, fat, discolored and or weird ones?
  13. No, the motherboard is brand new(refurbished?) from biostar. I haven't done anything to physically harm it. Its literally done this from the moment I installed it. All the capacitors look clean.
  14. Ok sorry I thought it was the one that got fried. :D It still seems like motherboard issues even if it's the new one.
  15. Have you tried boot up without Gpu ?
  16. If you another CPU try to boot up by it in your mobo
  17. and after still goes same try your CPU in another MOBO
  18. Hello. My first post here. I didn't want to create a new thread because I have almost the same problem.

    The story is .. My PC was working fine without any kind of problems whatsoever. Yesterday when I started the PC it just showed white flashing "DOS cursor" on the screen and it didn't do anything. I turned it off and on and it started to load windows (windows loading screen) but when it should finish and start regular login screen of windows, the screen went black. So I had to turn it off and on again and since than it doesn't show anything on screen.

    PC looks fine when I turn it on. Everything seems working like it did before, lights and fans are working, but screen doesn't show anything (monitor is in standby mode).

    Things I tried:
    - I turned it on without graphics card
    - I turned it on with different graphics card.
    - I removed all memory sticks expect one
    - I removed all memory sticks expect different one in different slot
    - I turned it on without HDD
    - I turned it on with different power supply unit

    Nothing changed anything

    Only things I didn't touch are CPU and MOBO. I was going to buy new MOBO but when I saw that tanaka52 has a new one and still has the same problem, I got a little scared :)
    Could it be bad CPU? Or should I just change the MOBO?

    (I didn't change anything inside PC before this happened so it shouldn't be any cable in a wrong slot or anything like that)
    (Lastly - I don't think this has anything to do with this but last time when PC was still working, windows installed updates before shutting down. When I turned it on later it did the thing with the "DOS cursor" and then when windows was loading it finished the updates. Then it went black and I cannot run it since then)

    Thank you for any help.

    MB - ASUS P6T, X58, ICH10R, 1366, Triple DDR3 1333, SATA2, RAID, IEEE, GLAN, ATX
    CPU - Intel® Core™ i7-930 (8MB cache,2.80 GHz, 4.80 GT/s) LGA 1366
    GFX - ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB Vapor-X DDR5, HDMI, DP, DVI, OC, PCI-Express
    HDD - WD CAVIAR Green 15EARS 1.5TB HDD, SATA/300, IntelliPower, 64MB cache, AFT
    MEM - Kingston HyperX 3x2GB 1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 Intel XMP
    MEM - Kingston HyperX 3x4GB 1333MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 Intel XMP
    PSU - Zdroj Fortron BlueStorm II 500W ATX v2.2, 12cmFan, FSP500-GLN, 80PLUS
  19. Quote:
    Or should I just change the MOBO

    CPU's rarely(especially intel) die out randomly nowadays. It normally takes some sort of excessive heat or an outside source to end it.

    With that being said, it's most likely your mobo.

    As for an update on my situation:

    I've rma'd the "new" mobo biostar sent me back to them. To phase out anymore errors, i also rma'd the proc back to AMD. Will update when i get them back.
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