Usb problems with Asus p8z68 v-pro/gen3

My mouse and keyboard randomly stop working when plugged into the usb on the I/O...they work fine when plugged into the front usb ports...This is my second board (it's an RMA replacement) that it is happening on...Does anyone know of a fix or am I just screwed?..
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  1. You just need to update BIOS :)
  2. Here
  3. Update latest BIOS :)

    [ Take backup of BIOS before upgrade ]
  4. THE UNKNOWN said:
    Update latest BIOS :)

    [ Take backup of BIOS before upgrade ]

    It has the latest BIOS already installed from factory...
  5. It came with it but upgrades are available for system stability improvement of system you just need to update it and youll be fine :)
  6. N bios they installed already isnt latest :)
  7. Try updating the BIOS first, if that does not work try disabling your bluetooth connectivity in BIOS. Does your mouse and keyboard disconnect at random times? Mine were disconnecting whenever I my comp woke up from sleep and I found that disabling bluetooth solved my problem
  8. I updated BIOS and have bluetooth disconnected...I now have no connectivity to the I/O USB ports...The front usb ports still work fine...
  9. Did you overclock your cpu? Also, I'm just making sure, but how did you disable your bluetooth? Was it through your OS device manager, or did you disable it in your BIOS. When I had this problem, disabling through device manager did not mitigate my was only when I disabled it through BIOS that it worked. Here's the link:

    Try uninstalling your chipset's enhanced host controller. When prompted, do not delete software. And it will reinstall upon restart. Also check for the newest USB drivers on the ASUS support website for your particular mobo model.

    If none of these works, then I'm stumped and I'm sorry I couldn't help you. Unfortunately, it may mean you still have a defective mobo...sorry bro
  10. I updated the BIOS and that didn't solve my problem...I read in another forum on the same problems that turning off the EPU in the BIOS helped so I did that and most of my problems seem to have improved...Hopefully I'm on the right track.
  11. The problems are still there...The USB still loses connectivity and I have to do a hard re-boot...I think doing all the hard re-boots are corrupting my OS as I'm experiencing other problems now that seem to be OS related...
  12. nevermind.
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