Different ram frequency question.

Hey guys.

Just finished my new build and everything has gone smoothly!

I have 2sticks of 4gb Kingston hyperX 1866mhz ram totaling 8gb in dual channel mode.

I was given a freebie 2sticks of 2gb Kingston hyperX 2133mhz totaling 4gb.

My question is can I make use of the extra 4gb even though the size of the sticks are different and the frequency is different.

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  1. You can use them theyll downgrade their clock speed for compatiblity
  2. They will clock to the lowest common denominator. If you have different timings they may need to get relaxed, and you will need to make sure that you match the 2, 2 gig kits in paired memory slots and not randomly or they will run single channel.
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