Criticize my build please!

Hey there guys! IF any of you have the time, I'm going to be purchasing this build off of newegg within the next week. My budget is 500.00 after rebates and this comes to 507.00 if you add in promo codes, which is good enough for me. Any thoughts, feelings, or comments are greatly appreciated.


Corsair Enthusiast PSU 650W

Biostar Motherboard USB 3.0 and Sata 3 -Crossfire support

WD Caviar Blue 500 gb 3gb/s 7200 RPM

XFX 5670 1gb ddr5

ADATA 2x2gb Memory

AMD Phenom II 955 3.2 GHZ Quad Core Black edition Deneb

Once again, I have a budget of 500 bones here, so I know that it's not the best in the world. However, if anyone sees any problems or components that may slow me down, could you please let me know? I'm not a first time builder, but it has been a long time since I've done this sort of thing.

FYI - I plan on doing some moderate gaming and possibly buying another XFX 5670 in the future for crossfire. I was really going for a future proof build here.

Thank you all so much for taking a peek and I appreciate any input greatly!
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More about criticize build please
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    The build is good that gpu will suck for most games at higher settings. I would go with 1 good card like a 5770-6770-gts 450-gtx550-4601gb-560ti- and so on other then that i like the rest of the build.

    edit- also i had that case its not worth 80$, you can do much better for that price range.

    Also that mobos pcie slots are x16 and x4 according to there site if you crossfired 2 cards it would be x8-x4 yuck bad idea. go with one good card 2 is not always better then one.
  2. looks really sweet however if you could purchase a 5770 as he cia24 said.That way in the long run cf would be much more worth it.
  3. instead of a 5770, go for a 5830, same price/cheaper, better performance.
  4. ps3hacker12 said:
    instead of a 5770, go for a 5830, same price/cheaper, better performance.

    Unless you can overclock or want to the 5830 is a joke same preformance as the 5770.
  5. cia24 said:
    Unless you can overclock or want to the 5830 is a joke same preformance as the 5770.

    oh ok, was just looking through some reviews and thought it was better maybe:

  6. Lol, ok if you can get it for the same price it is but if you dont overclock it its pointless. also the card is much longer then the 5770 some midtower cases are not going to fit the 5830 which is the same lenght as the 5870. 5830 10.75 inchs

    5770-8 inchs. also in crossfire the 5770 will scale better. I like your benchmarks go fetch me some more lol, then take a look at all of the horrible reviews for the 5830, its kinda like the gtx 465 a underpowerd cut down joke.
  7. cia24 said:

    i did read, that but prices have halfed since then, the 5830 can be found for about a third of the prices listed there now, at £84 compared to the previous £250:

    i was annoyed that i didnt get this card instead of my EVGA GTS450 superclock.
  8. You could get a lower-powered PSU.
  9. My compliments to you. Very nice budget build. Should surprise you when you get it up and running. You'll always wish you had a little more, but that system will be impressive.
  10. one of those slots is 4x on that board if you didn't notice. would be nice to know the monitor size/resolution and the games you play. i sat down last night trying to spend your $500. i almost posted to tell you to save another $200. you can spend $500 and not have enough of a machine.
  11. WOW! I am SOOOO surprised to see the interest you have all taken! Thank you all SO much for your words of wisdom!

    I have taken all of your guys' advice to heart and come up with this:

    Antec 300 Case

    WD Blue Caviar 500gb 7200 rpm 3gb/s

    Kingston HyperX x2 (2 x 2gb) DDR3 1600 cas 9

    Corsair 650W PSU

    Asus 880G Mobo USB 3.0 and 6gb/s

    Phenom II 955 X4 3.2 GHZ


    The largest change here is that I have opted out of getting the GPU (for now) and upgraded my Ram and Motherboard. The new Motherboard has a 4250 onboard and that will due until I can afford a 5770 card or better. I wanted this board from the beginning, but talked myself out of it. You guys talked me right back into it! Also, I took some of the budget money from the case and came up with the ever popular Antec Three Hundred. With the Promo-Codes, this all comes to 458.83 shipped. That price is BEFORE the 40 dollars I MIGHT get back in rebates.

    So, If you guys are up to it, you can criticize this build as well :D However, you guys have been so helpful so far, it seems like a bit much to ask! I look forward to putting this thing together soon!

    Once again, you guys are AWESOME! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    P.S. Yes, I could get a lower Wattage PSU, but I want to buy a PSU I can reuse and who knows what the next 3-4 years could throw at us!
  12. Good stuff, I can also vouch for that CPU as I have the same in my build. It's a fantastic CPU, in fact mine is currently overclocked using the multiplier up to 3.6Ghz and the temps barely moved more than a couple of degrees on the stock AMD cooler. Once you get that 5770, assuming you aren't going to be gaming above 1920 x 1080, you'll be very happy with this I suspect.
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