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I have a Dell Inspiron 531 with the integrated Nvidia G-Force 8300 GS graphics chip. I have updated the Vista operating system to Windows 7 64 bit, and after working fine for two years, the Nvidia graphics drive is now causing issues (flippin to a very low 600X800 screen resolution which I cannot change back. My question, will a GIGA-BYTE GV-N84STC-512I REV2 GeForce 8400 GS Graphics Card - 540 MHz Core - 512 MB GDDR3 SDRAM - PCI Express 2.0 x16 work in thi computer? The Dell website says the INspiron 531 has a PCI connector 32 bit data width. Will a 64 bit PCI Express 2.0 x 16 work in this computer?

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  1. ct1615 said:
    it will work. you can download the drivers directly from nvidia's web site

    Do you mean the new GIGA-BYTE card I mentioned will work in one of the Inspiron's PCI Express slots (and will automatically disable the intergrated Mvidia graphics chip? Which PC slot should I use, a 36 pin PC Express slot or a 164 pin PC Express x 16 slot? Do you think I should try to reinstall the Nvidia driver for the existing intergrated NVidia G-Force 8300 GS integrated graphics chip first, to see if I can get that chip to work - it did work OK for 2 years? If so, should I install the 32 bit driver or a 64 bit driver? I understand either version will work with Windows 7 64 bit - right?
  2. ct1615 said:
    1. your motherboard should only have one PCI-E x16 slot. install the card there

    2. download and install the new drivers from here. make sure they are the geforce 8-series, 64bit version for windows 7

    3. without actually playing around with your PC & motherboard, I can't actually say whats wrong with the integrated chip but since you already own the video card, you may as well use it.

    I don't have the separate graphics card yet, I just identified one on PC Nation that I thought would work and was reasonably priced. Before I send for it, is it worthwhile to take another shot at reinstalling the driver for the exiting Nvidia integrated graphics chip? And if I do this should I reinstall the 32 bit driver (I'm using Windows 7 64 bit) or the 64 bit driver? I understand the 64 bit nvidia driver is buggy, or doesn't work well with Windows 7 64 bit. Any ideas (and thank you so much for your expertise!)?
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