Long time Windows gone Apple back to Window platform Rig Plan

Hey all! New member here. I've recently got the itch to build my own computer again after a very, very long time. Because of my computer art and Graphic Design background I've been, for a long time, working on OS X platforms. I currently have a lower end 15" mac pro through work and a Quad Core Mac Pro at home that I have been using as my personal computer. I love Apple computers and never really saw a reason to purchase or build a Windows computer other than running Windows 7 on a separate hard drive via bootcamp (buggy but it works) to run a 3d cad program that is Windows only.

I do enjoy gaming and have been, sorry to say, an avid WoW player. Recently I started playing Rift on my Bootcamp partition. My current Mac Pro setup is Quad Xeon with 10GB Ram and an EVDO GTX 285 mac edition. Rift plays very well via bootcamp but I am plagued with buggy random restarts, blue screen memory dumps, and others. Hence why I started researching parts to build a moderate to totally awesome rig.

Take a look at my possible setup I put together. I would greatly appreciate if anyone can help me tweak it for more performance. When I calculate the cost only using prices from tigerdirect.com (I'm sure I can find better prices once I give it a hard look) it came out to roughly $1300.00 after taxes. (laughable that its $1500+ less than a comparable Mac pro with less gaming performance) :o

Please keep comments to discussion about tweaking the current set up. See below...

Case: Cooler Master Storm Enforcer ATX Mid Tower -- LINK
Power Supply: Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000W -- LINK
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition -- LINK
MoBo: Gigabyte GA-870A-USB3 -- LINK
Ram: 2X Crucial 8GB PC10600 DDR3 1333MHz Dual Channel Kits (16GB total) -- LINK
Hard Drive: Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 2TB, 7200 RPM, 64MB, SATA 6G -- LINK
Blue Ray Burner: LG WH12LS30K -- LINK
GPU: MSI Radeon HD 6970 Video Card (Looking to set up a second card via Crossfire X at a later time) -- LINK

Everything will be running on a 27" Gateway monitor that I already have. I have a Razor Naga mouse and will probably purchase a logitech G series keyboard.

What do you guys think?
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  1. Quote:
    skip the 1100T and get the i5 2500k

    CPU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] -_-Product


    MB http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6813157229

    PSU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 20ax%20850

    Oh manz, this. ^^
  2. I see that the MoBo has 2 PCI extreme slots that work at 8x when two cards are installed.

    Do they make one that both will work at 16x when two cards are installed?
  3. sure but usually not worth the money because there only a little performance difference but if u do want 16x

  4. I've also been looking at some other intel options and for $55 more I can pick up an i7 960 what do you think? Worth it?
  5. if ure looking for a I7 then u want the i7 2600 or 2600k

    hyperthreading might make a difference in graphic design but it doesnt help any in gaming. sometimes it hurts.
  6. Man I've really been out of this game a while. Just noticed that the i5 2500k is the sandybridge where the i7 960 is the previous generation.

    So pretty much keep all of my other components just switch to the i5, mobo and power supply? Hmmmm now I wonder, this set up has a higher max ram. Should I stick with 4x4gb sticks or go with 2x 8gb sticks for future upgradability?
  7. I have 8GB it seems to be fine with it but if u want 16G i would buy it in a kit


    it 139.99 with the promo
  8. i haven't seen a 8G stick that wasnt really expensive that mainly for servers
  9. Don't worry about the 2500k being an i5, the point is it beats the old i7s. And I stand by that Corsair PSU being your best bet, you'll have more than enough power for Crossfire 6970s.
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