9800 gt- monitor flashes on and off on certain web pages

I bought a new custom AMD dual core with a 460 watt power supply. I wanted to use some hardware left from a pavilion M9200t media center that turned out to be a piece of junk. I am trying to use a GeForce 9800GT which is originaly a vista era card that seemed to work ok at first. After experimenting a few days and not being used to windows 7, I began to notice the monitor would flash black and then back on continously all the while I was on certain web pages, especially ones that are more security sensative. Monitor is a new flat screen HP 2310M that has been tested on another PC and works flawlessly on a DVI-D cable. Most web pages work fine but when I am on a problem page the only way I can stop the flashing is to set the resolution for the screen way down before I go there. I've updated the nvidia card with the latest drivers, tried different browsers such as Firefox. I guess my question is do I need to get a newer card for the windows 7 32 bit OS I am running, or is there a patch of some kind?--------------Thanks I advance--LG
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  1. The card should work fine on windows 7 32bit if the drivers are correct. If this only happens on certain websites I would think it is software related rather than hardware since websites really do not test a GPU that hard like 3D gaming would!
  2. As rolli59 said unless there is a defect with your card. Also what model is that psu rather than just wattage? Low voltages can do strange things to system. Is the card clean and free of dust?
  3. Thanks for the reply guys, power supply is the Delta that originaly came with the Pavilion. Seems after some research the GT9800 likes 35 amps on the 12volt rail and the psu has32,so thats one area to suspect. Also the GT9800 also needs 400 watts consistantly and the Delta is only good for 385. So I installed a NVIDIA GT430 with 1024 DDr3 and life is good once more, nice little card----thanks again.
  4. 35 amps is more than a overclocked gtx 590 as that is 420w. The 9800gt 65nm only uses 85w while the 55nm samples typically used 70-75w and the green editions which are basically underclocked 55nm samples uses around only 60w.
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