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Hey everyone,

I have a general question. Does integrated graphic on motherboards affect the performance of a desktop if I have another external graphic card in use at the same time?

Eg. P8Z77 M PRO and Asus GTX 550Ti

Will graphic funtionality affect the two components?
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  1. If you have Lucid-Virto enabled, the computer will automatically switch between the graphics processors, using the onboard graphics for standard use, and using the GPU when necessary.

    This can always be disabled in the BIOS.

    Leaving it enabled will not affect performance of the CPU at all, however it does reserve RAM, so if you only have 4GB or less of RAM, I would suggest upgrading if you want to leave it enabled.
  2. Actually, with VirtuMVP (came with your board) you can increase performance in some games/resolutions by using the GPU and iGPU at the same time (monitor plugs into the discreet GPU).,3174-2.html
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