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Have had to swap back to my old computer and am needing some help with it. It's primarily a wow computer so was not aiming for the highest quality stuff. The comp is an Dell Insiron 530. It has an E7400 cpu, 6gb of ram and a 1tb harddrive. It had a gforce 9400 graphics card in it before and i was getting really really crappy frames, using below low macros and only getting about 15-20 frames in populated or raid zones and sometimes getting some major spikes of frozen-ness. So i went out and got a saphire 512mb 5670 graphics card and slapped it in there expecting some better results. I put it in and logged in and...the exact the same frames as before. So i went out and overclocked it using the ati catalyst control center and got it as high as i could without my computer shutting down. Unfortunatly still the same frames and an added bonus of some random technicolor triangles across the screen aswell. i was wondering if anyone could help me solve the issue.
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  1. You know Wow is cpu driven right? See if theres anything you can do with your chip to help, but I'd also get a 5770 in there too
  2. ya i understand alot of wow is cpu driven but the former gtx 9400 was def something that would hold it back as well, and a graphics card update as significant, although not to the best of the best graphics cards, was still about a 2x performance jump and there should be some differences, i would think. and that still does not explain the technicolor triangles that went across my screen too.
  3. In your graphics tab on WoW they now 'recommend' settings based on your pc's hardware, I'd doublecheck those to make sure your set up ok,
    personally I drop shadows and sunshafts right down, I hate them and it puts more stress on your system,
    check the settings and post back mate,
    The triangles are a sign your cards pushed too far and is starting to struggle, I'd lose the overclock on it for now
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