Did i fry My video card?

Hello i recently put a shaman on my gtx 460 and put some more voltage to it in increments and moved up the core clock. I had it going up into the 860s and i was testing with evga oc scanner for 3 minute intervals. then it restarted on its own and now it will not boot up. did i fry my video card?
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    What voltage did you feel the card? Did you cool the power vrm phases? If they are not cool they are almost certain to fail.
  2. i gave the card 1.05 volts, the ram sinks have little heatsinks on them that i put on with the shaman kit
  3. But did the power vrm get to overheat?
  4. how would i exactly know if they got to overheat?
  5. Burn marks but you may as well rma the card as it no longer posts.
  6. If you set it to overclock to that setting at startup you might be in trouble.

    Also, yeah, you gotta watch VRM and VRAM temps in GPUz if you're doing that as it will show more than just core temps.
  7. Try Clearing CMOS to reset everything.

    Turn off your computer, unplug power supply and chords, and find the jumper for CMOS. Touch the case to discharge static, then move the jumper to clear position (usually pins 2-3) for 15 seconds, then set back to normal.

    IF you set it to boot on those clock settings, this should get you to BIOS where you can change that back.
  8. Almost forgot.. If you either have an onboard GPU or another card:

    Remove the card from your computer and start it up without the GPU in it. Then uninstall GPUz and the GPU's drivers, shut down, and put your card back in.

    IF you did NOT burn the card, this should be another method to allow it to start up normally, essentially resetting the card's clock speeds.
  9. well since i am not under warranty i might upgrade to a 570 is there any good vrm cooling for that card? i will try your suggestions to see if my card has a chance or if its burned up. thanks for all the advice
  10. Can you upload a few pics of the card please so that I can try to inspect it here online so that I can suggest possible solutions to this problem.
  11. nforce i really do appreciate it but i do not have a camera ill have to see if i can borrow a neighbors or something thanks again
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  13. have you tried resetting the cmos? I've had the same problem OC'ing graphics cards past thier "limit" in the past. Clearing cmos worked for me.
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