Help selecting a ventrilo hosting business

I am looking for a good stable hosting service for ventrilo clients, I would like the best quality of sound > international best ping and stability, basically in that order of importance. What is not important is the price. I'm willing to pay a premium for the premium.

If anyone has experience in this please help me choose. Thanks!

If there are other factors I should consider then please let me know.

Maybe 2 hosts in different countries working together so that Europe and USA clients together will have fair connection speed and pings.
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  1. I work for and highly recommend you check us out. We don't offer the cheapest Ventrilo servers but I do guarantee we offer the best Ventrilo servers on the internet. We are the only Ventrilo host to own and operate our own hosting network and we partner with the best tier 2 and tier 1 internet providers for upstream connectivity that guarantees the lowest latency and packet loss possible.

    Most of our competitors host their Ventrilo servers on budget networks utilizing lowest-cost routing. is contracted with premium networks offering industry-leading service level agreements utilizing best-performance routing. We use PEER1 ( in Canada, Internap ( in the United States, and Interoute ( in Europe.

    We also set the bar when it comes to customer support. We are the only provider to offer live telephone support. Our support team runs three shifts every day providing 20x7 coverage. There's at least two support agents on call in our headquarters at all times in addition to one network administrator. Call or email us to simply say "Hello" at and I guarantee you will have a response within 5 minutes. More important than support response time is what we call resolution time. We are the only provider that implements proprietary billing, support, and hosting software systems. These systems are all integrated which allows our support team to see the full picture when you call or email us. This allows us to resolve 99% of support requests within 10 minutes while our competition fumbles to look up your billing information in one system, trouble ticket history in another system, your Ventrilo server information in yet another system, etc.
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