Newly built Pc wont turn on

Hi , I have bought a new processor , new Ram , case and new motherboard , i had a half a year old graphics card , hard drive and a psu so i got them from that pc.

Everything came today ,

i assembled the pc and fit everything together ,

powered up the PSU and nothing seemed to work , no fans moving , no led on the Mobo that would be green ,

and the power button completely did nothing ,

i tried a different psu only a 300w one .. which after plugging in the 12 pin into the mobo the led on the psu turned off and it works on the old pc that i had , because i tested it right after ,

the 700w psu also worked after i have unplugged it from the new built into the older pc..

NO clue what could be wrong. Any help ?
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  1. Take all the add-in cards out of the board (anything in pci/pci-e slots). Also, take the memory out. Try to turn it on again. Motherboards will always beep, or flash or something if memory is not detected (check your MB documentation). If the motherboard does not do this, the motherboard is at fault. If it does beep, slowly add things (starting with the memory) until the computer stops working. When you find the problem component, try plugging that component into a different slot, if available, just to make sure the slot on the MB isn't bad.

    I work in a computer repair shop and this is what I would do.

    I'm making the assumption that the power supply is good (because you said you tested more than one) and that it is plugged in properly.
  2. IM still not sure what it could be .. i did all that it came out like it is the motherboard... but then , ive built my older pc back together , plugged it in and the same thing happened , no picture and everything running up .. :o :o
  3. OK, why don't u post your PC specs so we can help?
  4. CPU:
    RAM: with link please.
  5. Ok thank you for trying to help.. i went to do diagnostics and it turned out that the graphics card had to be plugged in differently in this motherboard with the power supply... YaY .. my baby is back.
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