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How to tell if a pci-e is dead?

On my p6t motherboard I think my 2nd pci-ex16 died but not sure. Ive been using sli and crossfire for 3 years now and plugged a hdmi into the first slot and my pc crashed. Upon restart no gpus were detected, So I just tried switching the cards and got the same thing, After that I tried just using the first slot and everything worked fine. (both cards tested on Lol and averaged 150 fps a piece) So next I tried just using the 2nd slot and go the no gpu detected problem, So either sli is screwed up, you cant run a card from the 2nd slot period without something being in the first, or the pci-e slot is dead. Is there any way I can tell?
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    Many motherboards will not route PCIE signalling to the 2nd x16 slot unless there is a device in the 1st one.
  2. Could a dead pci-e still display video though? I can get into my destop when I use the 2nd pcie slot but it acts as if there is no video card. (Ex DxDaig shows N/A, Nvida control panel / Asus smartdoctor cant detect card)
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