New computer won't start.

Just built this computer.

Corsair CX 500w PSU
ATI Radeon 6870 GPU
i5 Sandy Bridge 2500k 3.3 CPU
4gb ram

This motherboard:

As far as I know I have everything installed correctly. I press the power button on the computer and the power LED flickers once and the CPU fan budges slightly, then nothing more. If I try it again, nothing at all happens and I have to turn the PSU off and on to get the same results as before.

I would be happy to provide any additional information.

Thank you for your help.

Some more info: The PSU didn't come with a 4pin connector, but it has an 8pin. I have tried plugging half of it into the 4pin slot(as I read someone else got it working by doing that) but have had no luck.

I took the Video Card out to see if that was taking up too much of my power supply but have had the exact same results.
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  1. After you linked it, I went through all of those.

    Ummmm I just unplugged Sys_fan2(i had my 4 case fans connected to it) and it booted right up!

    How will I be able to get the case fans to work now?

    another edit: I just plugged the case fans to the power supply without also plugging the cable into Sys_fan2 and now they all work.

    If anyone would like to help me further, I just noticed that when I turned the computer off, I heard a quiet yet annoying noise coming from the power supply. Switching it off made the noise go away, but it happened after I just tested it again.
  2. ^ After seeing the reviews at newegg, the whining seems to be an issue with some units,... I doubt you could do anything about that as it might be a coil or a capacitor problem,...
  3. Eh, no real worries there. Thank you anyways :D
  4. Update: computer crashed after starting up a game and running Pandora radio in the background.

    Computer will not start now. It starts to boot up then after about 1 second, turns off and tries again. I have to switch the psu off to stop it from retrying.



    More info: I think the ONLY way it could be overheating is because of the thermal paste/heatsink. Before installing it, I was going to clean off a fingerprint on my CPU but all that was in the house was nail polish remover. I dabbed a cotton ball w/nail polish remover on the CPU, gently wiped it off with a napkin, and waited 10 minutes for it to completely dry and look clean. I then installed the heatsink that came with the CPU(with thermal paste already applied) and everything else normally.

    Could using nail polish somehow disrupt the fill/spread of the thermal paste, causing the CPU to overheat and not allow my computer to start?
  5. ^ Did you try that checklist once again ??
  6. The one stick of RAM was bad :D I hate that it took me so long to figure it out but I'm glad it's resolved.
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    ^ Ohh good that its resolved now,...
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