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After a power outage my computer won't boot. At the first screen (HP logo) there are several options to choose from, the second screen is the Windows Recovery and there are only 2 options verses the normal 3 and no timer and if I remove the the battery I can get an additional screen between those two. If I try, on any of the 3 screens, to select any option the number lock light comes on and the computer hangs. I cannot even get to the BIOS. After taking the battery out I was able to see that it recognizes the hard drive and all 3 sticks of RAM. I have tried one stick of RAM at a time and in different slots, all appear to be good. I have tried booting from a recovery disk but when I hit a key to confirm booting from it the computer again hangs.

The power supply is a weak stock unit, if it is failing could it cause these symptoms? My other guess is a bad processor. Does either of these guesses sound right?

Any insight or suggestions would be very appreciated.

I have a HP p6616f running Win 7 64bit with 6gb of RAM. The computer is less than a year old with only stock parts in/on it.
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  1. You are correct! The power supply would be the first thing to check. Generally, CPUs do not go bad that easy.
  2. The computer is less than a year old, give HP a ring and ask for an engineer or send it in for repair.
  3. Here is HP's guide with some trouble-shooting tips:
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